*** JOIN US! Weekend sessions are usually at 3pm – find details on our Facebook page each week! ***

The Cambridge Edible Garden has transformed an unused strip of land at Murray Edwards College Garden into a green space for education, entertainment, and edibles!

The Garden is run by and for volunteers, in coordination with Murray Edwards College, the University of Cambridge’s Environment and Energy Section, and with Cambridge Hub.

Open to anyone from (or in!) Cambridge, of any age and with any level of experience, join us to get involved with a fantastic new community initiative.

Location map (the Garden is marked by the green arrow, not the red ‘a’).

Before you join us at the Garden, please ensure that you fill out our volunteer form (for legalities): http://www.clicktools.com/survey?iv=bqgxq8p0m0e7j

Parsley and beans, with marigold colour splash